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“Lisa David is beautiful inside and out and her masterful storytelling, magical timing and deeply moving presence onstage is utterly magnificent…Proves that there is hope in even the most hopeless place…

Lisa takes those couple years full of heartache and terror and danger and turns them into a story of strength and humor and love. Her spirit is effortlessly endearing. She is everyone’s idea of the perfect best friend, mother, daughter and hero. Lisa is brilliant in an understated way. Her genius is found in between the drama. In her infallible love for her daughter, in her determination to be happy, in her unwavering resolve to put her revolting ex-husband behind bars and as far out of her daughter’s life as possible.

Lisa David is a superstar…She has that precious gift of self-effacing joy and stories so crazy they must be true. If you need some uplifting. If you seek light and love and connection then see this show…I absolutely loved it!!”

Noho Arts District (2019)

Lisa David is a sharp writer who’s adept at both acting and stand-up comedy…. a brave and highly engaging storyteller … a major comedic force.

The New York Times

Writer/performer Lisa David surely has endured enough traumas for one so young. Bulimia and alcoholism are just two of the diseases she has faced, fought off, and found funny enough to dramatize in such a richly cathartic way. “Monster” is clearly tailored to David’s standup skills: She rarely fails to land punch lines squarely, and there are easily enough of them to fill an evening. Rarely does onstage soul-baring feel so fecund or go so deep.
We are disarmed by her mimicry: Like a Whoopi Goldberg or Jefferson Mays, David sketches out figures using a minimum of strokes, making her performance as spare as it is emotionally lush.

Backstage Magazine

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I was stunned this was a true tale…funny and very raw…real, honest and painful…To witness Lisa’s rewarding transformation and bravery is a gift…a beacon for others who will crumble and melt away at their own personal hardships.

Noho Arts District (2014)

Lisa David is so likable and her autobiographical show is so ingenious and inspiring.

Stage Raw

WOW! Can’t get that show out of my head. Lisa is Amazing. Her story is so deep and intense, yet somehow she makes it funny. I can’t believe she went through all of this… “Dating in L.A. With No Nipples” is more than just another show – It’s a story about surviving and about seeing the bad shit from another perspective. Makes you think about life, makes you laugh and cry. I ABSOLUTELY recommend seeing it!!

Stage Show Attendee - Wowed

My Jaw hurts from laughing so much and my eyeliner is all messed up from the tears. So entertaining and inspiring.

Stage Show Attendee - Messy Eyes

Very much appreciated. I am going through something similar, and living in Los Angeles dread a return to the dating scene —but feel encouraged reading your essay here in the wee hours of the morning!!   At other times I have googled this kind of thing, and was not able to find such an inspiring tale.  (Or such an adorable photo).  Thanks so much for sharing your bravery.

Essay Reader - Inspired in Los Angeles

I had the privilege of seeing your play last night. I felt compelled to write to you because your story really touched me. Your talented ability to make me feel your pain and your happiness came through in every word and action. I would cry one moment, laugh the next, and finished off with a broad smile.

Stage Show Attendee - Left Smiling

I just heard you on AM640 and had to send you a message. I just wanted to thank you for confirming there are women out there like me. It brings me hope hearing your story. Thank you again.

Radio Engagement - AM640 Radio Listener

Lee Strasberg used to say in speaking of actors,  “The work may change but the talent never does!” That speaks directly to your many talents and vast gifts as well. The fact that I came out during a football Sunday and recovering from surgery, speaks to my respect I’ve always had for you. 

Stage Show Attendee

I just read your story on Dating After Breast Cancer. I love love loved your story. I have just recently been diagnosed with the same type of cancer DCIS. Also very early.  I JUST finished telling my friend that I’m going to stop reading stories online because until I found yours, EVERY SINGLE ONE I read was so depressing — about being less of a woman; being in pain; looking ugly, blah blah blah blah.  I’m looking for warrior stories but finding sadness. THEN I found your story and felt so much better. It is a big deal to me to start dating after my mastectomy. I’ve got lots of worries about finding a guy who will accept my scars. Thanks for giving me something positive!

Essay Reader - Found a Warrior Story

Fabulous show!! Funny and serious! Loved how the actress was so honest about her life and dating in LA!! I would definitely see it again!

Stage Show Attendee

I just must tell you what a delight it was to have Lisa as our speaker tonight. She is absolutely adorable and her story is beyond amazing. We had an exceptionally large attendance tonight and they all loved her. They were all so touched and inspired by her story and her message about the protection of innocent children. Many of us, myself included,  are breast cancer survivors, so it was especially meaningful to be able to relate to such an incredibly strong young woman who survived the worst of the worst.

Speaking Engagement Attendee - Breast Cancer Survivor

This one-woman show was an amazing experience! Lisa had me in tears one moment and laughing hysterically the next minute. She deals with very complicated issues in a very honest and entertaining manner. I found the show to be very life-affirming in that Lisa has gone through so much yet has forged on with life with strength, love and grace. Her courage in the face of betrayal and the added trauma of cancer is truly incredible, I left the show with a sense of hopefulness about dealing with challenges in my own life. Lisa empowers both victims and survivors alike. The fact that she does this with humor and wit exemplifies what a talent Lisa is. This play is a must-see. I give it the highest rating.

Stage Show Attendee - Crying and Laughing

I just had to reach out to you. I’m a single mom, 35, who recently found out I have breast cancer. Thank you for this article. It made me laugh and cry. At least I don’t feel so alone.. I wasn’t sure how it was going to work to date.. Still not sure. But at least I don’t feel like I’m the only one going through this. I’ve been in LA for 5 months and dating without breast cancer is hard.. Anyways just wanted to say thank you!

Essay Reader - No longer feeling alone

A wonderful show full of harrowing humor against the back drop of a story that would defeat almost any mortal! Lisa David with her wide eyed sweetness is delightful!

Stage Show Attendee

This is the first show I’ve been to in L.A. and it’s going to be hard to top it. I laughed and cried. Then cried some more the next day just thinking about it! A one woman show full of strength and pure emotion. This lady is an inspiration to all. You have to be pretty damn clever to turn those crazy life situations into an such an emotional comedy. The music was so well chosen that it added to The mood perfectly. Bring tissues!

Stage Show Attendee - Crying, laughing and crying again

I’m still basking in that feeling you get walking out of a great movie. And it percolates in your subconscious.

Stage Show Attendee - Basking