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“I feel that my life is like a lotus flower. It’s one of the most beautiful flowers, and it can only grow out of shit.”

Lisa Kate David is an actress, writer, comedienne and voice-over artist hailed by The New York Times as “a major comedic force”. Her first autobiographical solo show, “The Monster Under my Bed Drank my Vodka”, dealing with Lisa’s history with addiction earned her critical acclaim in both Los Angeles and New York.

“Writer/performer Lisa David surely has endured enough traumas for one so young. Bulimia and alcoholism are just two of the diseases she has faced, fought off, and found funny enough to dramatize in such a richly cathartic way.
Rarely does onstage soul-baring feel so fecund or go so deep.”- Backstage

While in the midst of developing “Monster” into a comedy series, Lisa got pregnant, found out her husband was leading a dark double-life, and was diagnosed with breast cancer. While going through treatment and simultaneously working undercover with the LAPD, Lisa decided to do what any nipple-less woman, still legally married, navigating the tricky waters between evidence-gathering and protecting her daughter from her dangerously deviant husband would do: She went on dates. Seventy to be exact. She put on lipstick and went out to find a new husband. One who would be a better father for her little girl.

Out of this unexpected gestation period, Lisa gave birth to her new solo show, “Dating in L.A. with no Nipples”, which premiered in 2014 to sold out houses and rave reviews.

“I was stunned this was a true tale…funny and very raw…real,honest and painful…incredible…To witness Lisa’s rewarding transformation and bravery is a gift…a beacon for others who will crumble and melt away with their own personal hardships.”- NoHo Arts District

Her story has been featured on television, radio shows, podcasts and in many publications including L.A. Weekly, Women’s Health Magazine and Stand Up 2 Cancer. She also does speaking engagements and performances of her show, for a variety of different charities and organizations.

Lisa is happily married to a wonderful man she met on her dating spree sans nipples. He adopted her daughter and her two cats, Bugs and Rosco.

She continues to perform her show in Los Angeles and is currently working on her memoir of the same title.

There is power in speaking your truth and showing up exactly as you are. I’ve learned that the things I was most afraid to share, were the very things people connected to the most. The response I get from my audiences, and the emails I receive all over the country, from people who have read or heard about my story. The people who tell me I made them laugh and gave them hope. That I made them feel less alone. Those are the connections I value most, and in turn, make me feel less alone.
We all have our scars, some more visible than others.
We can be strong and beautiful, with our scars.
And, more often than not, because of them.
I am the clusterfuck of all my parts: good and bad, joyous and excruciatingly challenging. I am not alone and neither are you.
xo Lisa

Lisa will be performing her show in Los Angeles on Sunday March 10th 2019 at 7pm. To purchase tickets & for more details click link below.

Dating After Breast Cancer…With No Nipples